No Presidential Library for Trump??

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No Presidential Library for Trump??

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The left-leaning liberals and democrats have literally lost their minds over their hatred for President Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States.

Now, the Washington Post is pushing the narrative that “Trump must Never be Honored Presidential Library as the matter is an “issue of national security.” In fact, “Philip Kennicott says that Congress must immediately intervene to be sure the 45th president is never honored and his name is scrubbed from the history books.”

They want to keep President Trump’s name out of history books? They already have rewritten history books to not teach the truth. Rather, they focus on really important issues like “white privilege,” gender studies and other subjects that won’t help our children as they enter the real world.

How can they actually think that just because they hate Trump that they can erase the greatest President since Reagan from history? Trump did so much good for this country, and the dems want to destroy it all, including the United States!

To read the article, click the following link: The left-leaning liberals and democrats ... ed States!
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