Those Involved in the Russia Collusion Coup Will Walk

Examples of Double Standards Politically, Morally, Criminally.
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Those Involved in the Russia Collusion Coup Will Walk

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Americans Learn Those Involved in the Russia Collusion Coup Will Walk Confirming The Evolution of the Deep State and the Two Tiered Justice System
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As Americans are standing in the ashes resulting from the greatest steal in world history – the stolen 2020 election for Joe Biden – the penalties for the Deep State’s prior greatest crime became known. There will be no prison time for anyone involved in the coup to remove President Trump from office using the totally dishonest and manipulated Russia collusion sham investigation.
As new evidence continues to be revealed, there is now proof that the FBI lied to the FISA Court to issue a warrant to spy on Carter Page. Furthermore, the intent was not to spy on Page, but rather on the Trump Campaign, and that then President Obama was behind the whole scheme.

They took down President Nixon for spying and it was the scandal of the decade. But now, under these circumstances (namely that it was Democrats not Republicans) those involved will walk away without even a slap on the wrist.

Sounds to me like Obama should be the one being Impeached, or since he is no longer in office, should be criminally prosecuted.

Read the article by clicking the following link: ... will-walk/
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Re: Those Involved in the Russia Collusion Coup Will Walk

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I recently responded to a post on a social media site, that was discussing the two tiered justice system that we are currently witnessing in Washington. Below is my response and I figured it was worth sharing in other venues, so here is a copy of it.

There has always been a two tiered Justice system in this country and the news agencies have constantly tried to cover it up.

The biggest difference now is that we have access to cell phone videos and social media, that allows regular citizens to report the facts and information the paid journalists can not report. PLUS, we also are getting more and more individuals that are setting up "news aggregator sites" to help spread the news.

While the major networks still have a monopoly on TV news, conservatives own a majority of the talk shows on AM radio plus we are getting a growing audience on the Internet,

While big tech still tries to control the independent voices and websites, the only power they hold is through the cloud and advertising.

That is why I do not run any advertising or requests for donations on any of the websites that I own. If am not dependent on others for financial support, no one can stop our spreading of truths by removing financial support.

I also do not host any of my websites on the cloud, so they can not block or pull my sites that way. And I am not alone.

There are many other Patriotic Conservative voices out there that are working long hours trying to get information out to as many people as possible and our work is paying off.

Did you know that President Trump has more support now among the citizens of America and the world then congress, the main stream media or the people currently sitting in the the White House?

That support could not be possible without information being available through social media and independent websites posting and re-posting news, so thanks to everyone here that is sharing news and helping to inform others.
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