Biden Executive Order's vs Trump Evecutive Order's

Examples of Double Standards Politically, Morally, Criminally.
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Biden Executive Order's vs Trump Evecutive Order's

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In a Republican plea for a contribution, Biden's Executive Order's (EO) were sited. Seeing the numbers in black and white, his audacity is amazing and infuriating. The MSM is like a whipped pup, following along with it's tail tucked between it's legs. Or they have their heads so far up somebody's a*s that they can't see anything. Either way, they will only report news that is "approved" by whoever is in charge of the Establishment.

Because of this "Iron Hand" at the top, the outrage the MSM spewed for Trump over the 7 EO he signed cannot be repeated or increased for the 28 EO from Biden. The hypocrisy is that Biden has stated in the past that EO’s were only used by a DICTATOR.

I guess that tells you that, in his own words, Biden is a Dictator.
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In the plea for a contribution to the Republican party, this truth of these numbers was stated:
Joe Biden has gone TOO FAR.

In his first 10 DAYS of office, he signed 28 EXECUTIVE ORDERS. Can you believe it? Here’s a reminder of what he said only 4 MONTHS AGO in October 2020:

“[There are] things you can’t do by executive order unless you are a dictator. We’re a democracy, we need consensus.”

So, what happened?

When President Trump was in the White House, he signed only 7 executive orders in the same amount of time, but received significant backlash from the media and Radical Left for “executive overreach.” Where’s the outrage now?
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