Last Chance to Save America

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Last Chance to Save America

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We are facing our last chance to save America.

Anyone that pays attention to the news, realizes that our country is no longer controlled by the citizens of this country.

When you have politicians that have become millionaires while spending over 30 years in politics, it is easy to see why they are so out of touch with the wants and needs of regular Americans. Their only circle of information comes from big donors and political insiders.

We The People can change this IF we become united in our goals and actions. I hope you noticed I mentions ACTIONS, because that is what this take back of American is going to require.

I am not talking about taking up arms, unless it is simply to protect your own life and the lives of your family.

However, I am taking about YOU communicating with other individuals. This is something you can do in person throughout your neighborhood, through social media or at work.

This goes simply beyond voting during a general election. It requires us uniting to vote in the primaries.

But that also means you need to conduct some research the values and past actions of the people you are voting for.

I would also recommend that you attending local party meetings, fund raising dinners and events, so that you can meet other voters and candidates.

The bottom line is that you can replace the deep state supporters and lifetime politicians with someone that can and will support the American people.
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