We Are Moving

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We Are Moving

Post by webman »

We are getting this site ready to move to a new server. in March of 2022.

As such, we have shut down the new registrations. We will enable them as soon as we get all the files transferred.

Once we reopen the site to new members, due to Russian board spam, all new memberships will need to be approved my the admin, before they will be accepted as members.

Existing members will still be allowed to make posts until the day of the move. We will give you an exact date as soon as we have it.
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Re: We Are Moving

Post by FTW »

Due to being so busy, it took us longer to move this site to the new server, however we did manage to get it moved.

Now we are closing down all new registrations unless you are personally invited to use this forum.

We are also moving much of our comments into private forums the general public can not see.

This is to limit the number of individuals with anti-american ideals from trying to use this site for communist propaganda and other messages.

Thank you to the patriots that still love this country and are working to keep it safe and return free, fair and honest elections to the citizens, as well as helping to remove the corrupt lifelong money grubbing politicians from office.
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