Obama Proposes “Digital Fingerprints” to Help the Regime Combat Misinformation

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Obama Proposes “Digital Fingerprints” to Help the Regime Combat Misinformation

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Barack Obama has proposed the implementation of “digital fingerprints” online to assist the regime in regulating viewpoints that are not aligned with their agenda.

The proposition was made during an appearance on “The Axe Files,” a CNN Audio podcast hosted by David Axelrod, his former senior White House adviser.

During the interview, Axelrod brought up the “misinformation, disinformation, and deepfakes,” particularly those directed at Obama.

Obama expressed concern about the next election cycle. If the government doesn’t control what they call “misinformation,” or opinions that oppose them, it could impact the election results.

Secretary of State Tony Blinken was reportedly behind the effort to put together a list of government intel leaders to claim that the Hunter Biden laptop was “Russian disinformation” to help Biden with his election.

In addition, Obama spread the false claim that then-candidate Donald Trump conspired with Russia to secure his victory in 2016.

Obama advocated for the development of watermarking or digital fingerprint technology to tell apart true news from false news.

The former president said he thinks most people are now aware that “not everything that pops up on your phone is true,” but cautioned misinformation can be used to discourage people from voting by characterizing the system as rigged and corrupt.

“That can oftentimes advantage the powerful,” said Obama. “And I am worried about that kind of cynicism developing even further during the course of this next election.”
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