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e107 CMS Review

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e107 is one of the CMS programs that I am currently using on multiple sites.


  • e107 is a FREE CMS that can be installed easily with one button, using Softaculous on many servers that use cPanel or Plesk.
  • e107 can be upgraded, cloned or staged, using one button on Softaculous, without having to change any files.
  • e107 has a variety of FREE themes and other plugins that are downloaded directly from your website admin page.
  • e107 does not have a main website that will answer all of your questions. To post a question, you may have to go to 4 different websites in order to find someone that can answer your question.
This is even posted on their main website.
"Having trouble getting e107 up and running? Something not working the way you think it should? Unfortunately we don't have time to maintain a full e107 support community ourselves, but there are a few ways to get help. "

You can check them out at: https://e107.org/
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