Request for Writers and journalists

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Request for Writers and journalists

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Due to the main stream media and big tech controlling the news and information that Americans are allowed to see or read, there are a number of new websites popping up. Some of those websites are currently looking for "Non-Paid" Volunteer Citizen Journalist and/or opinion writers.

Even though many of these start ups are much smaller then the more established websites, some of them have started linking together with other conservative Christian websites, in order to share news stories and articles.

This “sharing” or linking up with other websites, not only helps the newer and smaller websites gain a larger audience without having to depend totally on Google or other left wing corporations, it also gives their Volunteer Writers more exposure and name recognition by sharing their articles on multiple platforms instead of just one location.

if you like posting comments on social media or the comment section of news sites and would like additional information on volunteering to write news articles or opinion pieces, in order to help educate Americans on how and why they should work together in order to help preserve their freedoms and Democracy, then please contact me.

The current topics these websites are dealing with at this time include but are not limited to:

Bikers Helping Bikers
Exposing Antifa
Exposing BLM
Exposing Election Fraud
Exposing Fake Media Lies
Exposing Political Corruption
Fighting Big Tech
Fighting Communism
Fighting Solar Projects
Fighting Wind Projects
Motorcycle Riding Tips and Experiences
Preserving American History
Preserving American Values
Preserving Family Histories and Memories
Preserving Local Town Histories
Preserving Religious Freedoms
Tributes to American Heroes and Patriots

If you are interested in educating others, post a reply to this message, or use the contact us form at bottom of this website.

Thank You
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